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Using Asset Protection
by: Leon Chaddock

Asset protection is a means for protecting your valuables from future lawsuits and creditor collection attempts. While many people are looking for a solid way to do this, there are many ways in which they can stumble down this wrong mistakenly. For many, the options that are presented to them are not, by any means, going to work. But, there are asset protection opportunities out there that really do work. The goal is to search out the right ones and make proper use of them. Asset protection is something that many should take advantage of no matter what.

Asset protection can be done in different ways. One such way is through Family Limited Partnerships and Trusts. These are effective ways of protecting assets. But, the problem arises when any assets are taken out. Then you can be back to where you started with judgment creditors reaching them nonetheless. In other words, your assets are still exposed and can be, therefore, attacked by the lawyers against you.

One of the largest mistakes that people make when it comes to asset protection is believing that putting assets in their spouse’s name or the name’s of their children can help them to protect them more so. This by all means does not work. This type of asset protection is worthless as sweeps will happen and this information can be easily found.

One type of asset protection that does work and works well is offshore asset protection trust or APT. In this case, the assets are protected from lawsuits because they are in oversea territories and therefore untouchable in most cases. Of course, it is important to take note of applicable fraudulent transfer rules as well.

Asset protection is offered by many companies. If you are looking for an option that fits your needs the best, make sure that you take the time to sort out the way in which it works and finding the right location for your assets. Asset protection is a fundamentally important aspect that deserves careful protection.

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